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Cleve Classic Cocktails $11

Top Shelf Long Island 

Grey Goose, Bombay, Bacardi Oakheart Spiced Rum, el Jimador, sour mix and a splash of Coca-Cola

Perfect Margarita

Herradura Blanco, Cointreau, sour mix & a splash of fresh orange juice served on the rocks with a salted rim

SoBe Lemonade

Absolut Mandarin, Absolut Raspberry & lemonade topped with Blue Curacao 

Grey Goose Berry Lemonade 

Grey Goose, Tropics® raspberry purée, simple syrup, soda & lemonade

Strawberry Fields 

Stoli Strasberi, Tropics® strawberry purée, Sprite & fresh lime juice

Caribbean Punch 

Bacardi Razz, Bacardi Coconut, Bacardi O & pineapple, orange & cranberry juice

Sex with the Cleve 

Finlandia, melon liqueur, peach schnapps, orange & cranberry juice 

Raspberry Sunset 

Chambord Vodka, black raspberry liqueur, Sprite, cranberry juice & a squeeze of lemon

Mango Caprioska

Absolut Mango, muddled limes and simple syrup, mango purée, and soda 

Cleve Palmer  

Jack Daniels Honey, lemonade, Sprite


Famous Frozens $11 

Raging Bull

Red Bull & Three Olives Vodka…Classic!

Add a floater of your choice of Three Olives Cherry, Grape or Raspberry for only $2

Clevelander Colada

Bacardi CoCo & Tropics® colada mix 

Add a floater of Bacardi Select for $2

Mickey's Rum Runner

Bacardi Superior, banana liqueur, Tropics® raspberry purée & strawberry purée 

Add a floater of Bacardi Select for $2

Miami Vice

Half Mickey's Rum Runner & half Clevelander Colada 

Add a floater of Bacardi Select for $2

Deco Peach Margarita 

el Jimador, peach purée and our Signature Margarita Mix  

Add a floater of Herradura Silver for $2


Mojito Fusions $12

Coconut Mojito

Bacardi Coco, Pina Colada, with fresh mint, lime & a splash of soda

Mango Mojito

Malibu Mango, mango purée, strawberry purée, with fresh mint, lime & a splash of soda

Berry-Mango Mojito

Bacardi Dragon Berry, mango purée, with fresh mint, lime & a splash of soda 

Coconut-Razz Mojito

Bacardi Coco, raspberry purée, with fresh mint, lime & a splash of soda 

Cherry-Coco Mojito

Bacardi Torched Cherry, Colada Purée, pineapple juice, with fresh mint, lime & a splash of soda 

Banana-Strawberry Mojito

Malibu Banana, strawberry purée with fresh mint, lime & a splash of soda 

Watermelon Mojito

Bacardi Limon, watermelon juice, with fresh mint, lime & a splash of soda 

Dragon Berry Mojito

Bacardi Dragon Berry, simple syrup, muddled limes & soda 

South Beach Mojito

Chivas, with fresh mint, lime, simple syrup & soda 


Cleve-tastic-Ritas $12

Patron Watermelon

Patron, watermelon juice & sour mix 

Tequila Sunrise

Corzo Blanco, grenadine & orange juice 

Pom Pom

Herrudura, simple syrup, pomegranate juice, lime juice & Sprite 

Coconut Razz

1800 Coco, Bacardi Black Razz, Amaretto, lime juice, lemonade & sour mix

Frozen Mexican 

1/2 Signature Deco Peach Margarita, 1/2 Corona Light, Float of el Jimador


Megas $30

Merry Cherry

Grey Goose Cherry Noir, lemonade, pineapple & a splash of cranberry juice 

Silver Matador

el Jimador, Silver Edition Red Bull, freshly muddled mint & limes, splash of grenadine 

Blue Dragon

Bacardi Dragon Berry, Blue Edition Red Bull, topped with soda 

Jack Red

Jack Daniels, Red Edition Red Bull, splash of Pineapple juice 

Pineapple Berry

New Amsterdam Red Berry Vodka, pineapple juice & a splash of grenadine 

Peach Lemonade

Ciroc Peach, fresh muddled cherries, oranges, & lemons, topped with lemonade 

Pear Berry

Absolut Pear, freshly muddled lime, simple syrup, strawberry purée & splash of soda 


Three Olives Vodka, Peach Schnapps, peach juice, peach purée, splash of sour & orange juice 


Big Boys $75 

Phucket Boy

Bacardi Coco, Bacardi light, Bacardi Select & orange, pineapple & lime juice, topped with grenadine 

Big Boy Margaritas

Don Julio, Grand Marnier, sour mix & a splash of fresh orange juice. Served on the rocks with a salted rim 

Mojito Madness

Bacardi Superior with freshly muddled mint & lime. Splash simple syrup & soda. 

Blue Long Island

Finlandia, el Jimador, Bacardi, Bombay, Blue Curacao, sour mix & Sprite 

White Sangria

Bacardi Arctic Grape, Moscato, Shocktop, muddled cherries, topped with ginger ale 

SoCo Punch

Southern Comfort, Triple Sec, sour & pineapple juice, topped with grenadine 

Red Light Special  

Malibu Red Rum, topped with pineapple juice & a splash of cranberry juice